Digital Imaging:
-CR (Computed Radiography)
-DR (Digital Radiography)

Film Processors
Innovet DVM

Stepping up to digital is now easier than ever with the InnoVet DVM System.

The DVM represents the most cost-effective digital option for veterinarians tired of the cumbersome reoutine of film and cassette based systems

The DVM utilizes a full-field CCD imaging system with quality image resolutions. The system enables image viewing in 7-10 seconds from exposure.

Designed specifically for veterinary use, the 6.3 million pixel resolution provides 4,096 shades of gray.

Because of its small size and simplicity, the DVM module is adablatble to many older systems. Your InnoVet dealer is able to provide adapter kits for several different models and is trained to install the unit into your current legacy system.

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Innovet DXR

The InnoVet DXR system provides veterinary medicine the highest resolution digital radiographic images available, in seconds, with the same long-term dependable performance that has become synonymous with the InnoVet name.

Meeting the challenges of increased exam volumes, stringent operating budgets, and staffing shortages,
the InnoVet DXR produces images without the use of film, chemistry, cassettes or expensive imaging plates.

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Innovet Select

Customize this InnoVet to your exact radiographic and budgetary needs.

The InnoVet Select is a special version of the Classic which allows for customization by the end user. By selecting from over 15 options, you may tailor the system to meet your specific needs and at the same time avoid paying for unwanted features. In recent years, the average InnoVet Select featured 5.3 options and sold for a price $2,900 less than a fully-loaded system.

Examples of popular InnoVet Select options include:
• A 300 mA high frequency generator that
is 30% more powerful than standard frequency.
• An upgrade of the 300 mA high frequency
generator to an even more powerful 500mA.
• A 2-way or 4-way float top table
• One or two easy – access cassette bins.
• The “no-hands” collimator system.
• An anatomically programmed console.

Whichever options you may choose, you are sure to find them to be valuable, easy to use additions to your InnoVet Select.

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Universal DVChoice & AVChoice Systems

Imagine a veterinary x-ray system so adaptable that it fits any office, any need and any budget. Universal’s DVChoice & AVChoice does all of this and provides superior image quality across a wide range of large and small animal studies.

As a product family, Universal’s veterinary x-ray systems require minimal floor space and are available in thirteen different configurations — one of which is right for your practice or hospital.

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Sedecal Vet-Ray Systems

Microprocessor Controlled High Frequency Generator
-Up to 40% shorter exposure time
-Less radiation exposure
-Improved film contrast
-Higher Detail films
-Motionless Films

400mA High Frequency Generator
-17mA Stations (10-400mA)

Hands Free Collimator Light Control

4 Way Float Top Table - 5ft Standard.
-24" Side to side, 6" front to back

Anatomical Programming (Built in technique chart)
-Consistent image quality
-2 Button programming

Prolonged X-ray Tube Life
-Rotor Break
-Shortened Exposure

Versatile Power Requirements
-Single Phase 110V, 220V
-Three Phase 208V, 480V

Heaviest Gauge Construction Available

Digital Ready Technology

AFP EVA-VET Digital Dental Sensors

As the market leader, EVA-Vet is a filmless, digital dental radiology system that produces high resolution, diagnostic quality images. Using patented Active Column MOS technology, EVA-Vet produces high-efficiency, low-noise images that are digitized and transmitted to any computer via a standard USB port.

According to the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines, “...radiographs are necessary for accurate evaluation and diagnosis...” EVA-Vet is the leading choice of veterinary dental digital sensors. It is used in virtually all universities, major wet labs and veterinary dental training centers.

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AFP Image-Vet X-Ray Systems

AFP’s market leading Vet 70 ACP Dental X-Ray System

  • Superior image quality
  • Enhanced timer features
  • Smooth, stable, ergonomic design
  • Compatible with all digital dental imaging systems
  • Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or on a mobile stand
  • Fully-maneuverable tubehead easily positioned and stable for all procedure

Unique Hand-Held Timer

  • Easy-to-read digital timer with quick and easy selection of upper and lower dog and cat teeth, paws and extremities of small animal patients
  • Visual and audible signals to indicate exposure has been made
  • Duty cycle circuit protects the x-ray tube, delivering maximum life
  • Timer control may be mounted on the wall, or on the optional Mobile Stand
  • The last patient setting is retained in memory for subsequent use


  • Mobile stand - precisely balanced for safe, quick transport and convenience

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