Digital Imaging:
-CR (Computed Radiography)
-DR (Digital Radiography)

Film Processors
RadPRO 32kW

Have the capabilties of a full radiography room at bedside! Equiipped with a high frequency generator, the RadPRO® 32kW Conventional Mobile can make quick work of routine diagnosis, as well as challenging trauma and bedside exams. This mobile workhorse offers fast processing times to capture high quality diagnostic images while adding flexibility in positioning and provides seamless network integration with Ethernet 10/100 Base T connectivity and DICOM compatibility enabling seamless data transfer to any DICOM output device, PACS, or RIS for efficient printing, archiving, and remote viewing of images. Improve workflow, patient throughput and patient care.

RadPRO 40kW

The RadPRO® 40kW Digital Mobile has been specifically integrated with the Canon CXDI-50 Series Digital Flat Panel Detector. The integration of these two systems improves workflow, patient throughput and patient care. Fast processing times of the innovative detector make it easy to capture high quality diagnostic images for routine diagnosis, as well as challenging trauma and bedside exams while adding the flexibility in patient positioning and the ability to manage or manipulate images at bedside. NO more chemicals, film, carrying cassettes to a CR reader or having to replace them.

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RadPRO 4kW

The RadPRO® 4kW Portable X-Ray System gets its name from its powerful, high frequency generator with 4kW output. Perfect for military field use, mobile/abulatory services or surgery suites, the 4kW folds into a compact configuration for easy transportation or storage. It connects easily, with a 20 footl line-in cable and 10 foot hand switch cable. The easy-to-use touch screen panel and manual collimator with luminous indication of the field, along with the short exposure time and immediate results of the digital detector are the essential benefits of this field-ready system.

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Perfect for military, mobile/ambulatory services and on-site applications where nontraditional X-Rays might be needed. The compact, rugged design of the FDDRS allows for quick and easy storage, shipping and deployment. A 20” flat screen display monitor and Canon CXDI-50 Series Digital Detector with a 14” x 17” imaging area provides you the ability to view an image seconds after exposure and flexibility to tackle any exam with the ease of being at a high volume facility.

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Source-Ray SR-130D

The model SR-130D Direct Capture Digital Portable X-Ray System was designed for today's demands of general Radiography, trauma, and patient bedside care.

The SR-130D provides high power, state of the art technology, system reliability, and low maintenance all in a small footprint, lightweight package.

The SR-130D utilizes the Canon 50G (14" x 17") light weight digital Receptor that produces consistent high resolution digital radiographic images.

The SR-130D reduces exam time - Each image is captured, viewable and  verified in seconds by the X-Ray Technician, before leaving the patients bedside.

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DynaRad Phantom

The economical Phantom with a rugged steel frame construction and its ability to fold into a small, self-contained package made it the clear unit of choice. For users worldwide, DynaRad portable x-ray units meet the challenges of providing images -- even under less than perfect conditions.

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DynaRad HF-110A

DynaRad's ergonomically designed transport system employs large, air-filled tires for easy maneuverability. Weighing only 150 lbs., the HF-110A High Frequency Generator incorporates a cassette storage bin, folds neatly for transport and easy storage and carries a DynaRad 3 year limited warranty.

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Remanufactured GE AMX 4 Portable

All AMX-4 portables have AMX-4 Plus upgrades and enhancements built into them, in accordance with established standards. Each and every AMX goes through a
stringent process of remanufacturing. At the end of the mechanical remanufacturing every unit goes through a complete electronic calibration in the factory prior to shipping. The AMX is the most reliable portable on the
market. For over twenty years hospitals have relied on the
dependability of the GE-AMX portable for their imaging needs The EDI process guarantees that each AMX remanufactured at the EDI facility will operate like new and be useful for many years to come.

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