Digital Imaging:
-CR (Computed Radiography)
-DR (Digital Radiography)

Film Processors
Radpro URS-LP System

The Universal Radiographic System from RadPro is the only choice when looking for a complete solution for your hospital, imaging center or outpatient center.

Small and compact footprint for easy siting, this system teamed with a Canon CXDI-40G or 50G DR System, gives you the complete DR solution in almost any space available.

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Amrad DXR System

Capable of boosting the daily throughput up to 3 times (compared to CR or film), The Chest DXR system immediately adds value to any practice.

The Comprehensive list of features includes DICOM-compatible, easy-to-use software; precise, high frequency generator, durability and reliability, and more!

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Amrad AA3 FMT System

AMRAD's AA3 FMT System is a fully integrated system specifically designed to meet the demands of orthopaedic x-ray procedures. The floor-mounted,  transverse/rotational tubestand with tube trunnion capability has been designed for long-term durability under heavy patient volume conditions.

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Amrad OTS System

AMRAD's AA2 OTS System is ideal for sophisticated imaging environments. Gliding smoothly through a complete range of motion, the OTS offers flexibility and efficiency for performing a full array of studies with precision and ease.

A versatile, high-performance, float-top table, designed for all general radiographic applications, is included. The unique design of the table pedestal minimizes seams and openings to facilitate cleanliness. The exceptionally smooth and quiet vertical travel of the optional elevating table feature provides effortless transfer of stretcher, wheelchair, casted or geriatric patients. The Power Lift Plus option accommodates extreme patient sizes with a 650 lb. patient rating, one of the industry's highest.

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Quantum Medical Q-Rad Ceiling System

Quantum’s Ceiling-Mounted Radiographic Systems are designed for hospital emergency rooms, imaging centers and orthopedic facilities which demand not only high quality, but also maximum flexibility, in order to accommodate all types of imaging exams. Q-Rad systems are not only aesthetically pleasing, but designed with input directly from technologists.

Q-Rad Ceiling Mounted Systems use a 5-tiered telescoping column with expansive overhead horizontal and transverse tracks to provide for complete flexibility and virtually unlimited imaging procedures. With an optimum ceiling height of 9’, even standing knees on children can be easily imaged.

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