Digital Imaging:
-CR (Computed Radiography)
-DR (Digital Radiography)

Film Processors
Digital Radiography
Canon CDXI-50G

With a large imaging area and lightweight design, the CXDI-50G extends the range of exams possible with Digital Radiography. It is large enough for chest and abdominal X-rays. But the compact design also makes it as easy to position as a conventional film cassette or CR imaging plate when performing lateral or axial imaging of limbs and other areas. In addition, it is possible for the patient to easily hold the sensor unit in place during image capture. In the radiographic suite, the CXDI 50G allows images to be acquired table top, in a wheelchair, on a stretcher, or in the bucky table.

The CXDI50G Digital Radiography System is desgned for diverse applications that include trauma and bedside exams. When combined with a mobile X-ray unit, the CXDI-50G brings digial radiography directly to the patient. With a portable detector designed for patient comfort and quick access to images, the Canon CXDI-50G provides unmatched speed and efficiency for diagnosing even the most critically ill patients.

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Canon CDXI-40G

With an imaging area that’s 17 x 17 inches (43 x 43 cm), the CXDI-40G lets you capture chest and abdominal images without ever having to rotate the sensor unit. That’s one less step in an already streamlined procedure that eliminates film development, cassette replacement,
and other process steps. The CXDI-40G produces a preview image in only three seconds after x-ray exposure, and is ready for the next image a few seconds later. In addition, it offers the benefit of easy installation. The CXDI-40G can be used with an upright stand, a universal stand, or a Bucky table. It can also be retrofitted with existing equipment.

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Canon CDXI-40C

The CXDI-40C produces high-quality diagnostic images with minimal x-ray dosage. This makes it ideal for pediatric use as well as orthopedic exams. The key to its dose efficiency is the newly developed LANMIT 5 sensor, which is equipped with a Cesium Iodide scintillator for high sensitivity. The CXDI-40C shares the major features of other Canon DR systems, including the largest imaging area in the industry, high image resolution, and easy
operation. It can be installed in as many ways—and just as easily—as the CXDI-40G.

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Canon CDXI-31

A major breakthrough when it was first introduced, the CXDI-31 continues to provide unmatched flexibility for diverse applications.

Many institutions have adopted the CXDI-31 as their preferred system for trauma, neonatal, and orthopedic
imaging. Its compact size makes it easy to position, and
simplifies lateral and axial imaging of skull, neck, shoulder, limbs, and extremities. Another key advantage is image quality. The CXDI-31 has the smallest picture elements of any Canon DR system, which ensures the level of refinement that’s crucial to bone imaging. X-ray dosage can also be minimized.

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Radpro URS-LP System

The Universal Radiographic System from RadPro is the only choice when looking for a complete solution for your hospital, imaging center or outpatient center.

Small and compact footprint for easy siting, this system teamed with a Canon CXDI-40G or 50G DR System, gives you the complete DR solution in almost any space available.

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Radpro 40kW Mobile System

The RadPRO® 40kW Digital Mobile has been specifically integrated with the Canon CXDI-50 Series Digital Flat Panel Detector. The integration of these two systems improves workflow, patient throughput and patient care. Fast processing times of the innovative detector make it easy to capture high quality diagnostic images for routine diagnosis, as well as challenging trauma and bedside exams while adding the flexibility in patient positioning and the ability to manage or manipulate images at bedside. NO more chemicals, film, carrying cassettes to a CR reader or having to replace them

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Radpro OT2

The RadPRO® OT2 Overhead Radiography system is perfect for busy hospitals and outpatient centers.. This system is equipped standard with a high frequency generator (100kHz), four-way float table (500 lbs capacity) and heavy duty overhead tube crane that all®ows for easy, efficient exams needed by today's high volume hospital imaging departments.

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Radpro FM1

Perfect for high-volume hospitals, orthopedic and outpatient facilities. Its high-speed generator and digital imaging system reduce exposure time and improve productivity, making it ideal for a demanding diagnostic imaging environment. The floor mounted tubestand has 9’ rails and a telescoping tube arm. The manual collimator with laser light also comes along with digital display of SID and tube angle, as well as an optional tomography feature.

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Innovet DVM

Stepping up to digital is now easier than ever with the InnoVet DVM System.

The DVM represents the most cost-effective digital option for veterinarians tired of the cumbersome reoutine of film and cassette based systems

The DVM utilizes a full-field CCD imaging system with quality image resolutions. The system enables image viewing in 7-10 seconds from exposure.

Designed specifically for veterinary use, the 6.3 million pixel resolution provides 4,096 shades of gray.

Because of its small size and simplicity, the DVM module is adablatble to many older systems. Your InnoVet dealer is able to provide adapter kits for several different models and is trained to install the unit into your current legacy system.

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Innovet DXR

The InnoVet DXR system provides veterinary medicine the highest resolution digital radiographic images available, in seconds, with the same long-term dependable performance that has become synonymous with the InnoVet name.

Meeting the challenges of increased exam volumes, stringent operating budgets, and staffing shortages,
the InnoVet DXR produces images without the use of film, chemistry, cassettes or expensive imaging plates.

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Universal DV Choice

Imagine a veterinary x-ray system so adaptable that it fits any office, any need and any budget. Universal’s DVChoiceTM & AVChoiceTM does all of this and provides superior image quality across a wide range of large and small animal studies.

As a product family, Universal’s veterinary x-ray
systems require minimal floor space and are available in thirteen different configurations — one of which is right for your practice or hospital.

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Amrad DXR System

Capable of boosting the daily throughput up to 3 times (compared to CR or film), The Chest DXR system immediately adds value to any practice.

The Comprehensive list of features includes DICOM-compatible, easy-to-use software; precise, high frequency generator, durability and reliability, and more!

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