Digital Imaging:
-CR (Computed Radiography)
-DR (Digital Radiography)

Film Processors
Universal PreciseView

The design of the PreciseView delivers a real clinical edge. In addition to offering precise positioning and alignment - a major contributor to high quality radiographs - the PreciseView provides maximum ease of operation with time-saving single motion positioning for virtually all upright and extremity exams.

PreciseView was designed to make positioning easier for both patient and doctor or technician. Virtually effortless movement is assured by the use of precision stainless steel bearings, which allow smooth and precise tube positioning, both horizontally and vertically. Precise positioning means fewer repeats, less film waste and faster throughput.

Single-motion positioning reduces patient positioning by up to 80%. This is accomplished through interlocking the tube positioning structure to the image receptor when performing procedures where the central ray is 90 degrees to the patient. Angled and extremity views are accommodated by simply disengaging the tubeimage receptor interlock through the use of a ‘T’ handle pin and placing the receptor in a horizontal position.

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Universal Upright Raymaster

Universal uniquely combines economy and flexibility in a system designed to meet specialized and individual professional radiographic needs.

The Universal Raymaster system is thoroughly at home in private, group, or clinical applications. It provides full radiographic capability for comprehensive skeletal studies.

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Flexible and cost effective, the HCMI DCX system is ideal for any practice and delivers exceptional performance that exceeds every expectation.

Versatile and durable, the HCMI DCX System is ideal for any size practice. The performance advantages are enhanced by the system's ease of set-up, operation and maintenance.

The HCMI DCX produces images of superior resolution (3.2lp), with 16,384 shades of gray. The image quality allows detection of problems that may remain unseen by other systems.

The ultra fast image acquisition of HCMI DCX (6 seconds/images) expedites the diagnostic process and allows you to examine up to 3 times more patients each day. This superior speed translates into a tangible service advantage, especially in a busy practice.

The exceptional long-term performance of HCMI DCX easily justifies the cost, while the immediate and precise diagnosis ensures patient's trust and satisfaction. The increased exam volumes tranlsate directly into one simple thing - a more profitable practice.

HCMI BENNETT Renaissance Series

HCMI offers chiropractors the most advanced technology available in the radiographic industry. The BENNETT™ Series 100 kHz generator with anatomical programming exceeds every expectation. Proven anatomical techniques are designed to meet the needs and preferences of every doctor.

100 kHz technology is true high-frequency power. With less than 1 kV ripple, the x-ray produced is very efficient and extremely effective. Addressing the most critical aspects of upright skeletal radiography, 100 kHz technology far exceeds the competition. Producing more radiation in less time allows for shorter exposure times, greatly reducing the risk of patient motion. 100 kHz offers increased penetration power at lower kV techniques, resulting in optimum radiographic film density with superior bone and soft tissue contrast.

Quantum Chiro-X 1417

Quantum’s Chiro-X 14 x 17 System is ideal for all chiropractic environments. The QS-500 Series Tubestand is easily positioned using dual soft-grip handles. Fingertip controls permit easy access to multi-function lock release switches; including longitudinal, vertical and angulation. The handgrip also includes an easy-to-read angulation display for accurate indication of tube rotation and LED indicators to verify the SID.

The Chiro-X Vertical Wall Frame is custom designed with a full-length frame which allows complete spinal imaging without the need for patient re-positioning, as the image receptor is easily repositioned behind the patient, using Quantum’s EZ- Glide hand control.

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Summit CFW Platinum

The Synergy 200 High Frequency generator defines the Platinum CFW radiographic system.

An impressive generator with anatomical programming, the Synergy 200 delivers 30 kW power using industry leading 200 kHz technology.

Complimented with the best system components and easy to use tubestand and wall stand, the Platinum CFW is an exceptional system.

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